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Cloud Services

Delivering the Benefits of the Cloud without the High Monthly Cost

The Cloud subscription revenue stream is extremely beneficial for the Cloud providers,  but not so much for the customer.  We have seen clients with monthly Cloud invoices of $35k to $40k.  And these weren’t large companies.  One of the clients  only had 50 employees.  

inSync has the internal expertise to manage all of your servers in the Cloud.  But what sets our business apart is our cost versus benefit approach to technology.  Our solutions provide the benefits of the Cloud without the exorbitant monthly expense.

Depending on the technical requirements, our preferred solution for Cloud computing is a colocation facility for one simple reason, cost.  Our specialty is  providing a 24/7/365 solution, but a more cost effective alternative to the Cloud.  

We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars over a 5 year period which is the useful life of the hardware & software purchased.

This is what happens when engineers thoughtlessly put their employers into the Cloud without examining the 5 year potential costs.  The hardware & software typically purchased costs less than the one year cost for Cloud hosting.  Years 2-5 years, the cost is $1,500/month, saving our clients over $2 million over a 5 year period.

Sidebar:  I was interviewing an engineer for a position with inSync.  The engineer was very proud of the fact that he had put all of his employer’s servers in the Cloud.  When I asked him what the monthly cost was, he had no idea.  He had never asked.  There has to be a cost versus benefit analysis before taking that step.

The colocation facility that we recommend is DataBank, who has a flexible data center colocation solution.  Moving mission-critical IT infrastructure to a data center has traditionally been a game of trade-offs:  save costs but lose control, gain scalability but sacrifice flexibility, simplify management but give up convenience.

But DataBank has changed the game with colocation solutions delivering the benefits without the trade-offs:

  • Their modern data centers designed to the most rigorous compliance standards with all the space, power, and security your IT assets need today and tomorrow; 

  • Dense, carrier-neutral network access delivering 100% uptime; 

  • Managed services expertise for peace of mind; 

  • Available with comfortable, amenities-filled facilities. 

Our cost versus benefit approach to technology saves our clients from making costly errors.  Call us today!

We are here to help!

We’re here to help!