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The Problem:

​Our new client’s CFO asked inSync to analyze their information technology infrastructure & expense.  Their apps & data were being hosted by a 3rd party Cloud provider in Las Vegas.  They were having many problems with their environment including slowness, connectivity problems, & servers going down. 

Their Cloud hosting expense was $32,000 per month.

Our client also had 2 full time employees for desktop support, & a chief engineer. Those positions were eliminated with our IT support & management. They were also paying their 3rd party provider $12,000 per month for desktop support. Their contract was a bit obtuse because their 3rd party provider was allowed to deem anything out of scope. A third monthly invoice was given for the Time & Materials support that was out of scope – the billable rates varied from $175 to $200 per hour, and averaged $3,500 per month.

How We Helped

This client was a manufacturer & had four different locations in two states.  So rather than an on premise solution, our solution was to purchase  a state of the art, 3 server Starwinds cluster solution which is hosted at Databank, a best in class co-location facility located in Irvine. 

This solution provided the redundancy, a secure hosting platform & 24/7/365 uptime…And with state of the art equipment, it was a much faster solution.  Their monthly expense went from $32,000/month to $1,450/month.​

The hardware & software cluster solution, including the co-location build out investment was $282,817.  That number includes the labor for the colo build out, data migration, testing & debugging.

Cloud to Co-location Facility Savings

First Year’s Savings Eliminating Cloud Hosting Fees
Annual Hosting Fees   $389,480​
Less:  Hardware & Software Investment  $282,817
          Annual Co-lo fees  $17,400

Year 1 Savings $89,263
Years 2-5 Annual Savings $372,080/year
Total Savings Over 5 Years = $1,577,583

IT Support & Services Savings

As stated above, our client was paying for $12,000/month for desktop support, & approximately $3,500/month for Time & Materials support.  We took over all of their  responsibilities, server & desktop support, for $15,000/month, a savings of $500/month.  ​The client’s internal staff of three was laid off resulting in more savings.  

Our co-location & cluster solution, & a simplified network infrastructure, resolved many of their connectivity & printing issues.  Their tickets went from a sustained 150 tickets outstanding to 40 tickets.

What We Accomplished

  • ​Performed a deep dive audit documenting their 44 virtual servers in Cloud facilities;​

  • Created a detailed project plan including the hardware & software investment required for the three server cluster solution & the co-lo build out;

  • Created a migration plan, including testing & debugging, to migrate their virtual servers to the cluster solution;

  • For a disaster recovery/business continuity solution, we are replicating their servers to a Cloud-based solution for $4,000/year;

  • Their 3 physical clustered servers are being monitored 24/7 with a cloud-based system for $60/month;

  • The 44 virtual machines are being monitored with a Nagios solution that is constantly being tuned & upgraded for additional monitoring points.

  • Our biggest accomplishment:  Taking over an environment that was unmanaged for 5 years, that was unstable & aged.  We continue to upgrade, improve, & stabilize their once problematic IT environment but it has been greatly improved.  It’s a process.

We are here to help!

We’re here to help!